lunedì 11 giugno 2007

WWDC, La Cronaca

11:26 am Steve leaves the stage - Keynote Over
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11:25 am Wrapping up - Thank You - We're Done
11:25 am Salesforce, google building apps this way
11:24 am "this is a very modern application - we think it's going to be awesome" - Steve
11:24 am "with all the web services built in, you can build fantastic applications for iPhone" - Scott Forstall
11:23 am Steve back on stage
11:23 am browsing chain of command at apple through address book
11:23 am can link directly to built-in google maps app to find apple
11:22 am Head of Apple iPhone software had some trouble typing with the iPhone on-screen keyboard.
11:22 am can e-mail right from web app...can see map of where his office at apple
11:22 am can direct dial from web-based directory app
11:21 am card looks essentially the same between built-in address book and web app
11:21 am took less than one person-month
under 600 lines of code
demoing search for "john"...looks just like built-in apps
11:20 am custom app...corporate address book database using ldap
11:20 am you can build custom apps tha have the look and feel of the iPhone
11:19 am demoing iphone onscreen...all apps run within safari
11:18 am going to show examples - bringing up Scott Forstall - Vp iPhone division
11:18 am just need web can go live on june 29
11:18 am you can write amazing Web 2.0 apps that work exactly like apps on the iPhone
integrate w/ iphone services...can make calls, send e-mails, google maps, etc.
instant distribution, easy to update, secure
same as amazon or safely on iphone with no sdk needed
11:17 am Innovative new way for developing for mobile applications.
based on iphone having full safari us tremendous capability
web 2.0 + AJAX apps
11:16 am Have been trying to come up with a solution to letting developers write Apps for the iPhone and keep it secure.
We've come up with a very sweet solution
11:16 am What about developers?
11:15 am 18 days from now
11:15 am Ships June 29th - 6pm
11:15 am ONE LAST THING: iPhone
11:15 am No developers outside of the conference will get Leopard Beta.
11:15 am we know how to do it...releasing public betas today
11:14 am 500,000 downloads of Firefox a day. Over 1,000,000 downloads of iTunes a day. Over 500M downloads of iTunes to Windows machines.
11:14 am "How do we distribute this? We don't really talk to these customers..."
11:14 am Safari is twice as fast
11:13 am Steve is now demo'ing iBench html test: Safari vs. Internet Explorer
11:12 am new tab feature in all versions... drag them around
Can drag tabs off into their own windows
11:12 am "I'm going to have to change computers here" (Windows comes up) "this is odd"
11:11 am Google/Yahoo seach built in
11:11 am what we've got here is the most innovative browser in the world, but also the fastest browser on windows
11:11 am javascript: ie 2.4 sec, ff 1.6, saf 0.9
11:10 am "how good are we at bringing apps to windows?"

benchmarking ibench html performance ie 4.6 sec, ff 3.7, safari 2.2
11:10 am bringing all of th safari innovations over
11:10 am safari 3 on runs on xp/vista
11:09 am We have expertise with iTunes
11:09 am Safari On WINDOWS
11:09 am 18 Million Safari users
Marketshare has climbed to 4.9%
IE has 78%, Firefox 15%, others 2%
We Dream Big
11:08 am Safari
11:08 am "it's all the same... most people are gonna buy the ultimate version :)
11:07 am crowd goes wild
11:07 am Leopard shipping in October. Basic version, $129. Premium version, $129. Business version, $129, Enterprise version $129. Ultimate version, $129.
11:07 am Premium Version = $129 ;)
11:07 am Basic Version = $129
11:07 am Developers to receive full preview copy of Leopard today
11:06 am That's just ten of over 300 new features
11:06 am "we think this is really important"
11:05 am "our goal was to make it so simple that people would actually use it"
11:05 am demo...important presentattion on architecture is gone
"I'm freaking out right now"
Steve searches back through time until spotlight finds something having to do with architecture. He Quick Looks the document - "yes that's what I was looking for, safe and sound"
"I've saved the day with Time Machine"
11:03 am Search back in time for lost files, preview with quick look, restore individual files or entire mac
11:03 am Can plug in a drive to an Airport base station and backup more than one computer.
11:03 am Time Machine has one click setup, automatically backs up everything, back up to local hard drive or server - even wirelessly
11:02 am we're "walking time bombs"

Time Machine makes it so simple that everyone will use it
One click sets up the whole thing
11:02 am almost no one backs up automatically
11:01 am Feature #10 - Time Machine
11:01 am Now Phil puts his mouth on the face of Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) - sticks his tongue out, and the crowd loves it
11:00 am Phil's mouth on the face of George Washington
10:59 am now at Yosemite falls
Using Photobooth effects, Phil looks like "thermal" effect, then drinks from a cup updside down
10:59 am Steve grabs an Excel spreadsheet - flips through the pages in the workbook.
Phil says backdrops are a lot of fun - steps out of frame -
Now Phil in the middle of a school of fish
10:58 am Anything that works with Quick Look works with iChat Theater
10:58 am Now sharing a video - quality is good.
Just drag video onto ichat window to share
10:57 am Now demo'ing a Keynote presentation via iChat - see all transitions & effects over the iChat connection
10:57 am Phil & Steve are talking via iChat
Phil is sharing an iPhoto slideshow right in iChat
10:56 am Steve - ""i don't have a lot of buddies, just Phil Schiller
10:55 am Better audio quality with new AAC-Low Delay codec, tabbed chats, photo booth effects, iChat theatre, and backdrops
10:55 am Many heartwarming stories from iChat users about keeping in touch with family

Bringing some of Photobooth to iChat
10:54 am Feature #9 - iChat
10:54 am "We want you guys to keep making widgets too" - Steve
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10:54 am Widgets are live - you can switch between tabs that were in the Yahoo clip section
All webclips update automatically
10:53 am you can customize the borders and shading for Webclip widgets you've created
10:53 am Steve shows rottentomatoes,com - ratings sidebar for movies out now and coming soon and make a new widget instantly
Dilbert - widget of Comic of the day
Looking at Google trends - resizes auto-picked area to seep top ten searches instead of top 25
National Geographic Photo of the Day widget
10:51 am showing safari...browses to yahoo, likes yahoo "main story area"
Steve hits the "scissors" button... Webclip automatically finds section of page, then clicks to make widget
10:49 am using safari to make widgets from web pages
10:49 am showing "web clip"...demo
10:49 am Search times, see previews, and buy tickets via Fandango.
10:48 am Since you keep writing widgets, we should do our part.
New Widget - Movie Times
10:48 am Dashboard's been a big hit. You guys have written over 3000 widgets.
10:48 am Feature #8 - Dashboard
10:47 am You can rearrange apps between spaces with drag and drop
10:47 am with the game running in one space - audio only comes on when space is active
10:47 am Multiple Desktops demoed with Spaces, with some more core animation eye candy.
10:46 am Demo - moves mouse between in one space, safari and mail in another
10:46 am group applications in spaces, easily move applications between spaces, easily move between spaces
10:45 am Feature #7 - Spaces
10:45 am Shows a shot of Boot Camp booted into Vista and displaying Solitaire and MineSweeper. Apple is very happy with Parallels and VMWare and helping as much as they can.
10:45 am Boot Camp is built-in
You can run XP & Vista at native speed - use as a complement to Parallels & VMWare
10:43 am Feature #6 - Boot Camp
10:43 am Apple TV ad with live movies playing, but it's live and interactive
10:43 am not flash...flashy.
10:42 am Demo is a bunch of video playing live and interactive. Can search through videos and it pulls them out from the background with flash animation.
10:41 am Core Animation: Very simple to use, easy to add to applications.
10:40 am Feature #5 - Core Animation
10:40 am 64-bit version took 28 seconds, 32-bit version took 81 seconds to run filters on the 4GB photo.
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10:39 am Demo is showing a 4GB photo loading. 32-bit App can't keep it all in memory, shows running several filters on both 32 and 64 bit versions at once.
10:38 am shootout between 32-bit and 64-bit apps....loading giant photo
10:37 am First mainstream OS to go fully 64-bit. 1 version of Leopard for 64-bit and 32-bit apps.
10:37 am Feature #4 - Leopard is 64-bit from top to bottom
10:36 am Shows the new pixar rat movie Ratatouillie in order to show full-screen preview of QuickLook.
10:35 am Quick look expands out from all finder views, window, list, column or Cover Flow
10:35 am Can do full screen too
10:35 am Steve finds a PDF, hits the space bar, and it pops up in a window without launching a viewer app
10:34 am now showing demo of Quick Look
10:34 am Let's you instantly preview files without opening applications. Works with all the popular filetypes, and plug-in modules are available for developers.
10:34 am live file previews work with text/images/pdf, etc
10:34 am New Feature #3 - Quick Look
10:33 am Ends discussion on the "New Finder"
10:33 am "Must be on another Mac" - hit "shared" and it finds it on another Mac
10:32 am looking at work stuff remotely - drags presentation over
Now showing Spotlight over network - searching for "college"
10:32 am Dialog box just popped up - World of Warcraft crashed
10:31 am New tab in .Mac
Just push "Start" - find Mac Pro at work
10:31 am Browsing another Mac over network using Cover Flow
10:30 am Showing apps folder in Cover Flow -
10:29 am or slides of a Keynote Presentation
You can play video in Cover Flow
10:29 am Cover Flow - showing scrolling through documents, can cycle through the pages of a PDF
10:28 am Steve now demo'ing "Back to my Mac"
10:28 am .mac serves as hub to allow you to always find your comps
10:28 am .Mac knows your computer's IP address
10:27 am Side-bar is also the place you'll find the "shared" items from the local network.

Easily browse as if they were on your computer
10:27 am "shared" section of sidebar
10:27 am one click to see just stuff from today
10:27 am New side bar has search built-in, populated with "smart searches" that can be customized by the user.
10:26 am Works just like iTunes - view any folder contents this way
10:26 am "Back to my Mac" - share even when not on the same local network

New view button in finder for Cover Flow
10:25 am Reviewing so far:
1) New Desktop
2) New Finder

sidebar, search other Macs & Servers with Spotlight
easy to browse shared computers
10:24 am Steve grabs a PDf
Pop-up window allows you to just click to download
10:23 am Safari showing Disneyland Paris
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10:23 am slo-mo expansion of app launching grid
Stacks use Core Animation
10:23 am Stack can be an app launcher
10:23 am dedicated stack to organize it all (vacation)
10:22 am playing iPhone commercial - "I assume you've seen that"
10:22 am planning a vacation
10:22 am showing qt videos from stack
10:22 am opens safari, shows reflections of dock icons when window goes behind dock
10:21 am Stacks demo:
Newest doc goes on front of stack
10:21 am Stacks fan out from dock, or pop up in a grid
Default stack called "Downloads" which will stay in the Dock
10:20 am Leopard will have a consistent look
10:20 am No more brushed metal interface
10:20 am folders in the dock, they expand to show contents
10:19 am consistent looks, made axctive window more prominet
10:19 am prominent active window
10:19 am Desktop is "more suited" to your own digital photos. The dock, more 3-D in nature, swoops out over new pictures, new semi-transparent menu bar, and "stacks" to clean up desktop.
10:19 am Dock sporting new 3D look
Stacks - all of us have messy desktops
10:19 am Looks transpararent in menu bar & Dock - dock is narrower
10:18 am New Feature - new Desktop
10:18 am 21 Months between Tiger & Leopard
300 new features in Leopard - today we'll be seeing 10
10:18 am Final look at leopard before October shipment
Tiger was already ahead of the competition
Today we're setting the bar higher and moving beyond Leopard
10:17 am Makes it much easier to develop software
10:17 am Unprecedented in the history of Apple
23% are using Panther, with another 10% using older versions of OS X
10:16 am 67% of them are using Tiger OS X 10.4
10:16 am Tiger - the most successful release in Apple history
22 million active OS X users
10:16 am Steve moves to discussion of Leopard
10:16 am We did this in 10 days -
John Carmack done - Back to Steve
10:15 am we'll demo more at e3
10:15 am unlimited ability to manipulate textures on object with little to no performance hit
10:15 am build game first, then throw artists at it
10:15 am Huge level of flex to change things in building a game
10:14 am insanely detailed world covered in unique textures. 20 GB of texture covering the track.
10:13 am We've been working in secrecy on next gen tech - this is the first time we've shown it
10:13 am John Carmack coming on stage for id games
10:13 am Bing done - back to Steve
10:13 am "later on, Steve is going to wave his hand and make candles float through this room - that's one of the features of Leopard" -EA CCO
10:12 am this room - that's one of the features of Leopard" -EA CCO
10:12 am Madden 08, Tiger Woods 08 coming too
10:12 am steve is going to wave his hands and make candles float
10:12 am harry casting spells...nice effects
10:12 am 3D Immersive environment - walking through Hogwarts
"The only thing better than living on a mac, is living at Hogwarts." -Bing Gordon
10:11 am Game Demo: Going down staircase
entering great hall at Hogwarts
10:11 am going to show a demo of Harry Potter running on OS X
10:11 am All to be released simultaniously in July
10:10 am Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
10:10 am Command & Conquor 3 coming in July
Battlefield 2142
Need For Speed Carbon
10:10 am Bing Gordon = EA Chief Creative Officer (correction)
10:09 am EA folks moving to the Mac in droves
10:09 am Bing Gordon on stage - EA co-founder
says he has two teenage daughters with MacBooks
SponsorJust released Parallels Desktop 3.0: run Windows applications on your Intel Mac; now with 3D acceleration for the latest PC games. Buy Now.
10:09 am We're working on some great stuff for future products
Great news about games
EA coming back to Mac
10:08 am The Best is still to come
10:08 am "working with apple is one of best things in my career and for itnel"
10:08 am "our sincere thanks for your extraordinary partnership in switching to intel proceessors" - text of award that steve presented to him (correction)
10:08 am proceessors" - text of award that steve presented to him
10:07 am Steve presents a stainless steel award to Paul Otellini...designed by Ive
10:07 am Paul Ottelini, Intel CEO on stage
10:06 am happy that "most of you" have upgraded applications to Universal binaries. There are "Zillions of universal Apps out there."
10:06 am Apple store is DOWN
10:06 am Developers are incredible - one group to recognize: Intel
10:06 am Intel Transition recap:
10:05 am 1 engineer for every 4 attendees
10:05 am Largest WWDC ever with over 5000 developers in attendance and 950,000 registered on Apple Developer Connection. WWDC will have 159 sessions, 94 hands-on labs, and 1200 Apple engineers on site.
10:04 am 950,000 ADC members - up 200,000 from last year
10:04 am Big WWDC/Golden Gate Bridge slide
5000 + attendees
Biggest WWDC ever
10:04 am Welcome to WWDC
10:03 am Steve on stage now
10:03 am "Do they really believe you're steve?"
10:03 am Mac guy shows up
10:03 am Apple should wave the white flag.
10:03 am iPod Killer - Zune
10:02 am "Vista sold tens of dozens of copies
10:02 am "I quit - I'm resigning and shutting down Apple
10:02 am Turtleneck/jeans for PC man
10:02 am PC guy pretending to be Steve Jobs in video
says "I Quit"
10:02 am Lights down
10:01 am here we go

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